Ocean Scan – Marine litter detection from Earth and space

Code of Conduct

All users and contributors of Ocean Scan are required to comply to the following Code of Conduct:

Image of all-contributors-maintain-total-ownership-of

All contributors maintain total ownership of their data.

Image of all-contributors-are-encouraged-to-make-their-data-publicly

All contributors are encouraged to make their data publicly available. Different levels of privacy are possible:

  • (i) Metadata and image visible; download available;

  • (ii) Metadata and image not visible; download not available; general information visible (location on map, general description; contact)

Contributors can also request removal of their dataset at any time.

Image of all-users-are-expected-to-respect

All users are expected to respect and value other members’ work. Data published in Ocean Scan is fully citable and users are required to provide credit to the owner of the data when using them in their research studies, publication and communication activities.

Image of all-users-are-expected-to-contribute-in-maintaining-the-relevance-of-

All users are expected to contribute in maintaining the relevance of the platform and to commit to the values of cooperation for which it has been designed for, through fair and equal contribution in high-quality data sharing and usage.

Image of contributors-should-upload-only-owned-data-or-data-publicly-available-with-

Contributors should upload only owned data or data publicly available with the data owner’s permission. Contributors should also ensure that the shared information is correct.